Dragonfly by Skyler Ewing
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June 30, 2020
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Tiago Marques's picture

Nice photo! I really like the dark mood!

Deleted Account's picture

I like the "look" to this photo. Especially how the wings appear to emerge from the gloom. Excellent

Skyler Ewing's picture

Thank you J.C. is very different from what I usually do. I am a big fan of @fursty on instagram and was trying to edit in his style

shraga kopstein's picture

Beautiful colors. Great shot again.

Andrew Delameter's picture

What camera and lens did you use for that shot? It's incredible!

Skyler Ewing's picture

Thank you so much. Used Sony 7Riv and 90mm macro

Sunil Prajapati's picture

Top-notch Photo :)

Gregory Thanos's picture

So beautiful picture!

Ian Chang's picture

I would love to see more insect photos in this style - such atmosphere

Skyler Ewing's picture

Thank you so much

Jan Eide's picture

More fives!!