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Venice Canal

Life is awesome with Fineart!
a photo from venice

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very artistic shot, Hanaa....I like that a lot, it's unique

glad u like huge thanks mauroooo!!

Impressive work.

appreciate it <3

Very interesting and original special effect !!! Still trying to figure out how you did :-D

hi thomas glad u like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! many thx ^^)

Your work just gets more and more imaginative, Hanaa! Well done with this image. Very striking.

much appreciate it Chris <3

Love this photo. I too am trying to figure out how you made this and it's driving me crazy. Did you individually pixel stretch each of these columns and then mask and shade them?!

thanks alot Jonathan glad u took the time to get crazy lol PSD and effects makes me crazy as well

She's not telling, Jonathan... ;-)

lol chris :P