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The Last Stand

First, an update to all of you regarding my dog; He is now home with me, alive (and hungry, the little shit) but he will have to be taken in two more times before we can know for sure if he has suffered any fatal damage to his liver over the next two days. But he passed the 12 hour threshold which is a very positive sign. My heart is filled with joy.

Second; I heard your many suggestions towards creating a Gofundme due to my vet bills (that are now looking at £3000/$3700) as this means I now officially have no money for myself, my photography, or advertising my wedding business for the foreseeable future, essentially crushing my dream of becoming a wedding photographer. However, I have personal principles against receiving something and giving nothing again, so here is my compromise; My patreon is something I work very hard on now, and any signups would work towards supporting me here at the bottom while I can spend all my time repaying you in private lessons, Lightroom presets and extensive retouching tutorials showing exactly how I create the images I create. You can have a look right here: www.patreon.com/jaslearn
Even if you don't join my patreon it would mean the world to me if you could share the word about either my patreon or my wedding business (www.jamesallenstewart.com)

On that note; here is my newest (and most thorough) creation in a while: The Last Stand.
I made a special connection with this photo as it shows how I can feel at times when it comes to chasing my dream.
By joining my Patreon you would get:
The Photoshop file - I spent a large amount of time making the Photoshop file easy to navigate through its 70 layers so it would make sense for you to download and play with.

I have also included the Lightroom preset that I used after I was done with working on it in Photoshop, just so you knew every single step from beginning til the end.

The full HD 9000px version is also available. You're welcome to zoom in and try to find mistakes ;) haha.

And because I want you all to feel that I listen, I have also arranged for a 2 hour Q&A Live session tomorrow at 7 pm (BST) where I can go through any part of the PS file and explain the process behind it for my VIP patreons. Be there or be square.

Model: @jinxydragoncosplay

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