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City of Arts & sciences Valencia

Create a Vision for the life U really want
& work towards making it A Reality
//\\ City Of Arts & Sciences Valencia //\\
Mirroring - Creative Edit - Fineart
Nikon D810
Fisheye lens 16mm

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Great photo, Hanaa....and congratulations on the „photographer of the month“..👍😀

Hey mauro ..oh i didnt see thx 4 telling & comment :D

First of all congrats on the photography of the month, you deserve it. All though I think you still steal my photos.... LOL.... Second, The picture is fricken mind blowing , reminds me of the Pacman Game when I was a way younger. Can't tell if this is a reflection off the perfectly still water if you did some crazy magic in post. Either or it's bababa baming bad ass. would hang this on my wall and I do not say that to any one for I only hang my art. I am not the photographer like you, I am abstract and create abstract art from reclaimed materials and other master pieces, so for me wanting to hang another person art is more than a complement to you. Keep it fresh, keep it coming. Peace....

Hiiiii Wil looool pacman yeah old is gold buddy ... thanks 4 ur wonderful words ..stay safe and hola :)