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Éclipse - Part 1

With Jasmin Rituper @iamshapeshifting . The pattern on the body was projected with an adapter for the strobes (Ambitful AL-16) on a Godox AD600. The background was done separately in photoshop and then matched together.

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Seriously WOW! This is FANTASTIC!

Thank you very much!

Hi Thomas. Just amazing. Though you have explained about your way of having light patterns on the body, the sharpness of light and dark is amazing. were they from camera or edges corrected later?

Indeed an amazing concept and equally great execution. kudos to the model for being equally good part of the team. I feel the pose was difficult and achieved well.


Thank you very much! Well the edges on the body were that sharp on camera because there is a lens on the the projection adapter (Ambitful AL-16) where you can focus the sharpness of the pattern on the subject. though my strobe (600W) was not strong enough to lighten the whole floor like this, so I've done it in post production ;)

Revert appreciated. thanks.