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Today I took my portrait lense, my 17/50 1:1.4 to the botanical garden to see what I could find. These are a few florals that I took. I always keep an eye out for flowers peaking into sunlight when most of the plant is in shade. I know this style isn't totally original but I love it.

50mm · f/6.3 · 1/164 · ISO 100
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Is it all natural light?

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Hi Lukasz - I took the image on the dark side in order to keep the background as dark as posible. Then, when I processed it, I masked the flower and took the exposure down to get rid of the remaining surrounds. Then I brought up the whites to make the flower stand out. However, the backlit flower looked really cold as the light was cool toned so I added the gold tone to the back light inside the flower. But, since you asked this question, I am guessing it looks off. Let me know your thoughts. I'm open to feedback and don't mind it you give it here.

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I does not look off, it looks interesting hence voted 4. But I was really interested if this was flashed from behind or it was natural light. Thanks for explanation, seems it's mostly done in post :).

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Ooo, beautiful image and i read your explanation with interest...