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The Madame Ponders

My friend, collaborator, and fellow artist @maxine_thirteen and I created this painterly Edwardian-era portrait for Halloween. She already had a great vintage-inspired dress she found while thrifting, so we put it to work for this shot.

This was lit very similarly to my last two portraits with a beauty dish for key in the center with a flag providing the shadow on the right. There is a 40" softbox for fill camera right and a background light for the canvas backdrop. You can see a BTS for the same setup on my instagram for the Union Soldier shoot.

85mm · f/9.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Nice shot Emily...you say she is only a friend? She looks a lot like you! That's a good thing!

beautiful work

Beautiful shot, Emily. How big a space are you working in? I think my biggest challenge right now is really controlling light in my shoebox apartment!

Hi, Jack. I work out of my basement. Biggest challenge is the ~8' ceiling height with part of the HVAC system hanging down and a random post in the way. I think I saw that you follow me on Instagram. The Union soldier shoot and the first red hatter shoot (the long exposure) posted there have BTS to give you an idea of my space.

Before this, I shot in my apartment. The upside was it was a loft with high ceilings. Downside was that my living room was filled with equipment, and I had to move things out of the way to shoot.

It looks like you're doing quite well for yourself in terms of the quality of your work and your following, so it looks like you're managing to make do?