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I love black in white is my painting and drawing work as much as photography. My paintings are mostly created in order to photograph the work and create abstract photographs. The photographed pieces are brighter and have more depth than the actual paintings. The photograph is the end goal of my process and I often just paint over the paintings!

90 · f/5.6 · 2.5 · ISO 100
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I love the shapes and curves - in places, I can almost see objects and people hidden in the image.
Your technique of painting then photographing the painting is very interesting. However, the visible texture of the canvas, at least to me, seems a little distracting. Maybe that is something you intended?

Thanks Paul! Actually, I prefer it when the paint goes on a little thicker and masks the canvas texture. I have tried to pull back on texture/clarity to get rid of this but then the soft edges where the paints glide past each other get too soft and look out of focus. I love the dilemma! It wouldn't be so interesting if all of our shots were easy!