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The guardian of Rivendel

I came across this amazing beech tree while trekking on Picos de Europa, Asturias. Its form made me think of fantastic creatures, and the contrast between green and yellow was so appealing that I had to shoot it to "take it" home with me.

This is a three shot bracketing. I needed to compensate lights and shadows because, though it was a cloudy and rainy day, there was a strong contrast with the light of the sun on the back of the tree.

Canon 5D Mark IV
23mm · f/8 · 1/60 + 1/15 + 1/4s · ISO 100
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Muy guapa Manu, vaya arbolito wow!!

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Mil gracias, Jabi!
No sabes lo que me alegra que le guste a un crack de tu talla!

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Muy guapa Manu.