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St Michiels bridge Ghent

St Michael's Bridge with views of several local landmarks
Nikon D850
Lens 14/24mm
Benro tripod
Long exposure shot from famous spot -GHENT BELGIUM πŸ‡§πŸ‡ͺ

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Hey stranger! This is cool, I have a 12-24 SWA and need to give this a try. Question - how much clean and add did you do in post or is this what you captured with no post effects? One thing I have learned is it takes a while to get the right settings. Never seen so many rows of light before, what was it that drove buy? Good to see your work again.

thanks for ur feedback wil ,, its real . cropped by camera raw and saturated the colors thats all..
thinking before shooting and work on progress at the loc ..
have a nice day