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The Eyes Have It

Recently I've been exploring the possibility of using a smaller camera setup to use for my studio portraiture. I picked up the Sony A7II and an adapter made by Viltrox that would allow me to use my existing Canon lenses. While the AF performance is quite slow, I was able to get some stuningly sharp images using manual focus and the focus peaking option in the camera.

Sony A7II
135 · f/3.2 · 160 · ISO 100
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Beautiful portrait, like everything about it!!!

Great lovely portrait.

Quick question about your A7ii with your Viltrox, if you have canon lens with IS will it perform better because of the IS at A7II sensor?

Thank you! From what I understand yes, you would get 3 way IBIS plus the IS abilities of the lens. I've shot images down to 1/3 of a second handheld and had spectacular results. If you get a chance register for my free event at Adorama via the link below. They are going to live stream the event and I'll be demoing these things first hand. :) http://www.adorama.com/pages/SEMINAR-events-Mirrorless-Cameras-The-Futur...

Amazing portrait. Everything is perfect. This is proof that the mirrorless cameras are here to stay.

What a great portrait... Awesome!

For anyone interested in seeing the lighting setup for this shot check out my BTS video here>https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MEvg-MHixSs

Miguel, hello from Apopka! Absolutely stunning. I love the way her hair, skin and eyes stand out against the neutral background. Wonderful lighting.

APK in the house! :) Thanks for the kind words. After shooting with one light for 8 or 9 months it was fun using some more lights for this one. Super happy with how it turned out.

Amazing Potrait,

One Of your Best Shot of All Time!!

Thank you!

Amazing light and focus - yup, those eyes have definitely got it...