© Peter Coulson 2014
Photographer Peter Coulson @ www.peter-coulson.com.au
Model: Leah Johnsen
Hair & Make-up: Lizzie Sharp

Natural light

Hasselblad H5D-50c
300mm · f/5.0 · 1/160s · ISO 800
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I like a lot great tones

Light setups are great!

Yeah. It's window light.

Why ISO 800 and 1/160s speed? Surely a lower ISO and speed were preferable right? Or am I missing something?

I think Peter shoots a lot of window light shots. I imagine this is why his ISO is high. It doesn't look flash lit.

It says "natural light" so of course you'd expect a slightly higher than usual ISO ... and if you think this is too high/grainy, then try shooting Tri-X at 800 ...

He probably allowing for the models natural movement. knowing he's not really going to effect quality under 1000

Is it more the result of light setup or post-shoot editing?

Like the good mono tones in this, the eye holds your attention well Peter

stunning per usual, Peter.

Beautiful B & W shot.

Beautiful image


This is ridiculously good.

Gorgeous Capture....

You have a really great way of not only capturing the beauty of your models, but I see that you consistently capture their personalities and characters as well. Your models almost become 4-dimensional.

There's much depth to your work, which certainly indicates that you've spent much of your time behind a camera, paying very close attention to details.

Keep up the good work.