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Celina B

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Wrinkled sheets in the back ruin this for me, the model, attire, and lighting is perfect.

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I have to disagree with Lynn. The background reminds me of the big old portrait backgrounds we used to shoot on. I love the lighting, the model, pose, clothing and expression. If I were to nit pick anything, I'd have moved the model away from the background a little more for just a touch of softness in the focus on the background. Otherwise,this shot is excellent. Keep posting more.

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I agree, the texture in the back ground adds interest to the photo, instead of the subject being lost in a sea of black.

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The model, lighting & posing is excellent. In my opinion, there is too much negative space on both sides of the model. If you crop the image to eliminate the space, this will place more emphasis on the model. Thank you for sharing this image.