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Social Distancing

Finally, after 3 attempts, I got all wanted conditions. Fog and snow. This iconic place in Switzerland, is located near Zurich. When I saw the forecast on Friday, I knew that was the moment to go in this place. I went earlier to be the first in place, and I was not wrong. Few photographers arrived, but they got nothing, because the fog covered all the place until the sunset. Lucky me to was there 3 hours before golden light.

Nikon D810
105 · f/11 · 1/50 · ISO 64
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Andres Puiggros's picture

Wow, simple but strong, great work here!

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Thanks that's very kind 👍🏻

Jens Sieckmann's picture

Nice, simple, compositionally straight forward. Montone in a positive way.

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks Jens, Yes I chose to expose it on the right to get a nice highkey and get the perfect white 😅

Mark Seawell's picture

Stunning. Love the subject matter and the feel of this moment. This is...art.

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks Mark, that's very kind

Rick Pappas's picture

Brilliant work here. The knowledge of your locale and how to photograph it really pays off in this shot.

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks Rick, Yes Im realy happy with this 😉

Jose Manuel's picture

I like the composition a lot.

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks, this is a classic in my country. The spot is very famous 😅

zeissiez lee's picture

Great work, like the mood

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Many Thanks, that's kind ;)

Allan Wood's picture

I love it. Simple, direct, I need to look and see more!

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks for your words 🙏🏼

Frank Kinser's picture

When I first saw this photograph I assumed it was a composite and not really a photo of three trees on three hilltops. However, your explanation seems to make it appear it was. Great photograph.

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks Frank 🙏🏼 I do not composit, no sky replacement. Im a old school photographer, I want stay in the photography not in the digital art 😅

Nando Harmsen's picture

Amazing shot. Love it

Fabrice Petruzzi's picture

Thanks 🙏🏼