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Land of Some Other Order

We woke up to a thick fog that shrouded the mountains and valley. It was uncharacteristically chilly for a spring morning. Squinting out of the cave entrance, we knew we were in for some trying conditions. After a quick breakfast we made our way through the wall of clouds, feeling as though we passed into some afterlife, with the fog clearing every now and then. This photo was taken handheld as we continued up the valley.

Drakensberg, South Africa

Fujifilm x100s
35mm (23mm equiv FF) · f/5.6 · 1/500s · ISO 320
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Beautiful, Thomes! Makes me wish I'd seen more of S. Africa when I lived there as a kid. Met a couple also formerly from South African here just today by chance, holidaying in Lorne in AustraIia like me. Your images evoke nostalgia for me, even though I saw very little of outside Pretoria. Or is it Tswane now, as intended? ;-)

One can only hope it is Tswane now. ;)

I have family in Aus and in NZ and want to travel there so badly. Need to win the lotto, lol!

Thanks for the thoughtful comment and hope that you get to visit SA one day; let me know!

Visit again, I mean, haha.