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Beauty Headshot

170mm · f/4.0 · 1/160s · ISO 160
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Need to do something different once in a while. ;) I might explore the ring light a bit more. I really like the results.

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I'm not sure about the ring light. Does it make the image more "spooky", which is the initial feeling I got in this particular case. I suppose it just depends upon what feel you wanted to get from the image.

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While I generally like the overall lighting effect of the ring light for softness, I dislike the effect on the subject's eyes. How about using a ring light inside a softbox for better dispersion without the reflection of the ring in the subject's eyes? Alternatively, how about using a ring light shooting backwards into a white umbrella? In this photo, I lose the "soul" of the model because of the effect of the ring light on her eyes. In contrast, I offer the lighting you did on Ariana (with her hair long). The lighting is beautifully soft on her, and I don't lose the sense of her "soul" because of the better dispersion of light in her eyes. Just a thought...