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Morning bird view

First serious shot with my new piece of kit :-).

Last friday evening i was hestiating for an early morning 2 hours drive to this spot, i had to wake up at 3:30 to be able to catch sunrise and already had another plan in mind for the sunset of saturday ... I didn't set the alarm and gone sleeping.

Early in the saturday morning I woke up without alarm gave a look to the clock, it was 4, I though it was certainly a sign, i had to go, I packed up fast and took the road.

I arrived on site, the sky was completly white, with high clouds, and light was blocked, sunrise was a failure and it was a bit disappointing, all this way for that.

I came back to the car and ready to go I though ... wait ... it's perhaps not over, relax and wait a moment.

I waited 30 min in the car, grab something to eat and suddenly, clouds were gone and a nice,pure morning light was now illmunitaing the scene.

Dji Air 2 S
24 · f/2.8 · multiple ones · ISO 100
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Nice! Your patience really paid off!

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Yep never give up until it's really the end ! :-)