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Freeport, Maine USA

24mm · f/11.0 · 30s · ISO 100
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amazing gurl!!!!

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Love the atmosphere here, Skyler, tranquil and moody but not quite gloomy. I do like the fact that you haven't over-dramatised the sky and made it darker than its reflection, a frequent result of processing but which immediately looks unnatural. This scene looks SOOC-real, and inviting. Again, I just want to be there!

This is the best variant of this scene you've posted, in my view - perhaps a reflection of time and refinement from working up different versions, as it seems to be the most recent post?

Is that island artificial? It looks so regular in shape, at least from this angle.

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Thank you. It was raining a little while I was there and was very dark. Decided to take a panorama made of long exposure but when I got home I wasn’t able to stitch them together because of moving clouds and differences in exposures.

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The island is very real, I go there often ( it’s only 15 min from my house). On top of one of the trees on the island there is an osprey’s nest. In this particular day there was a bald eagle on it. I waited for him to fly around but the light wasn’t good for birding. This angle of the island you can only get when is low tide. The island is a long oval but during low tide you can walk around on the rocks and get this view