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In your response to one of my comments on your photos, you indicate that you see them sad. What I see is that you work very well with chiaroscuro and lighting and it seems to me that your work has elegance.
Congratulations and my like.

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Thank you so much for you kind comments. I have to admit I had to admit I had to google “chiaroscuro “!
What I meant in my previous comment was more mysterious ( not sure if that’s the correct word either) then sad

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Well, excuse me for not getting it right. I am passionate about the art of clearing and it seems difficult to achieve it. I look at classical painters like Caravaggio in his painting '' The vocation of Saint Matthew '' or in Rembrandt with his painting '' The Holy Family at night ''. But surely you know much more about this than I do. His still lifes with his composition and treatment of light say it all.
Kind regards and Happy 2022