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Homemade bread

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great image, camera, lens, setting???
I am working on learning food photography, this is great Skyler!

I just joined today so I am hoping its ok to ask/share.

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Thank you, and welcome to Fstoppers family:)
I used Sony A1 with 90 mm macro lens. Setting 1/200 shutter, F7.1 aperture, ISO100. Used godox ad300 with a soft box and a screem to light from the side

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Thank you, just got the A1 about 4 months ago, so going thru Mark Galers videos on set up.
May sell my A9 for action its that good.

My wife is an excellent cook so I want to show case some of her dishes as I am new to food

I have Godox, A600, and AD200, V860is so I am very good to go on equipment.

Your food images are inspiring!

Thanks again.

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A1 is fantastic. Thinking about selling my a9ii and 7Riv since I never use them anymore. Ad600 is a wonderful light( use it 99%of times in studio together with his baby brother ad400)
Can’t wait to see photos of all that delicious food!