I have to say, I'm not someone that is easily victime of GAS in photography (Gear Acquisition Syndrome), My kit is almost the same since 6 years and I'm still really happy of the images that my Fujifilm x-t3 deliver, but when the GFX50s came out in 2017, I had to admit that the medium format was making an entry in my landscape photographer dreams.

Today, I am really lucky to admit, that sometime, dreams come true, with the arrival of the 50s II in my bag.

To test drive this new beast, yesterday with Fabrice Petruzzi we explored a nice waterfall from french jura that we were not able to shoot the last time we came, as it was way too much water flowing.

Fujifilm GFX50s II
17mm · f/10 · 1.3 sec · ISO 100
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