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Alpine city

As some may have noticed last saturday, we did a day trip with fabrice petruzzi in Zermatt to try to realize this classic shot.

The conditions were ok, nice shades of pink in the sky, but I wasn't totally satisfied with the result.

Luckily I was in hollidays this week, so I had time to plan another try with the best condition as possible, looking at the weather, the perfect window was Thurdsay.

With a Matterhorn shot, you have often 2 scenarios that are possible.

1) the postcard shot, really cool for tourists, absolutely no clouds in the sky, a bit boring for a landscape photographer.

2) Matterhorn totally in the clouds, the frustrating one for the landscape photographer 😂

Hopefully, this time I was right in the middle, a really nice sky, with lot of tones, and textures ...

Something to add, I'm really blown away by the image quality of the fujifilm GFX50s II with the 35-70, soooo many details in this shot, absolutely incredible.

Fujifilm GFX 50s II
63mm · f/11 · multiple one · ISO 100
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