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As the light emerged

As I crossed the back roads between Ogden Canyon and Huntsville, the sky caught me eye. One never truly knows what to expect as they try to capture the beauty of a moment but I sensed this was no ordinary morning...as the light emerged.

28mm · f/1.7 · 1/12000s · ISO 200
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Gorgeous 3-D quality to this shot. How do you like the mono-only Leica?

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Well I rented it from Lensrental.com for the holidays. My kids were home so I shot a lot of family pics with it. I had been curious about the camera for portraiture for a long time even though that isn't really my thing. I took it out one morning for my landscape photography and truly enjoyed it. The last two shots I posted are the same morning with the Leica. Fantastic camera and honestly a step above my Fuji X-T2/X-T4 combo. I'm still going through the pics but I'm pleased. Sadly, I just Fedex it back two hours ago. It was worth every dime. Needs a firmware update with some quirky freezing up but other than that...love. I feel like I drove a Lamborghini for a week.

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Beautiful, glowing image, Mark. Well done. Whether Lambo or Chev ute.

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Thanks Chris. Could I have gotten something very similar with my Fuji..no doubt. I think the man difference is the light gathering capacity of the full frame vs APS-C sensor. The luminosity on the Leica is superior IMHO.