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Harbinger of the light

This mornings journey to the other side. I've learned mother nature plays her mind games. I can look out at the early morning sky from my home in Ogden and literally see the stars and think is it even worth it, like this morning. But I was up and I was off so off I drove on what I considered a very warm January morning, the snow on the roads nearly gone. But ah! Experience has taught me to see what happens after I drive through the Ogden Canyon. And it was a totally different world.

As soon as I came out of the canyon I encountered very heavy fog. This perked my spirits a bit. I love foggy mornings and cut my teeth on them when I started capturing the German countryside. I tried to go up my favorite road to get above the fog but discretion was the better part of valor...far too icy and dangerous. I retreated and went to plan B, the back roads of Huntsville Utah.The mountains were like ghost, hidden one minute and available, if only for another 30 seconds before disappearing again. But I did capture this moment as the sun arrived and the fog seemed like showers and the air was bitterly cold but everything was so beautiful...harbinger of the light

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