Armani Big Steps by pelle piano
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My god, the lighting on this is wicked, the pose is awesome and the backdrop superb, I love this image..

Jason Ranalli's picture

I'm going to second the lighting. What I would think would be hard light that's too contrasty in a situation like this is very evenly balance. Nice work!

Alessandro Molinari's picture

i do like the composition, but i cant do but stare at her foot on the ground and think that there something wrong and irreal... dont you think so?

Andrew Robinson's picture

I really like this shot, however the ground plane being at an ever so slight angle is distracting to me. The top appears straight, which is why my eye seemed to latch on to the bottom right corner area. Still, a remarkable image. Great job!

I'm sorry but when I look at the pose I can't help seeing Monty Python's "Ministry for Funny Walks".