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Lofoten Postcard

A classic view over Reine.

In contrary as a lot of people think, it's dificult to correctly shoot classics, you know that many people have done the same shot, and you have always that in mind, so it's a bit difficult to free the creativity.

Your are torn between, trying something completly new with the risk of failure or stay inline but hope for good conditions.

This time as I had not so much time coming back from another spot, I selected the second option and I think it was the right one, afterall, it's always good to have some classics in the collection :-).

Fujifilm GFX50s II
58 · f/11 · multiple ones · ISO 100
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I do like your perspective on this photo. This location has been shot to death. Nevertheless, I like to see photos where people are able to make this location stand out from the hundreds of other photos because of composition, or the natural elements presenting the photographer with a beautiful photo. Well done.

Thanks a lot for your kind comment !