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The Queen

All hail the Queen.

Many thanks to the talented @iriericrim for her excellent work on my hair and makeup for this shoot. I wish this shot showed off more of her work on my hair because it was stunning. I think I’ll have to hire her for a shoot that can show it off!

Model and Photographer: @emilyhmoorephoto
HMUA: @iriericrim
Claws: @myril_jewels
Backdrop: @clotstudios

Lighting in the #behindthescenes shot on my instagram but is composed of four lights plus the candles.

Keylight for the face, fill for the body, backdrop light camera left, accent light on the curtain plus edge light provided by the candles. Glow comes from the @tiffen 1/2 black pro mist filter, which I can’t seem to shoot without anymore. Highly recommend if you like to shoot with lights in frame or if you use hard light sources frequently.

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