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The Perfect Composition

Hello Dear Friends
A new icon from Hanaa.. i called It The Perfect Composition .
The lines I saw, will never forget..one of the most beautiful buildings I have visited and photographed. The church known as Grundtvig’s Church is over 90 years old.
Designed by Danish architect and painter Peder Wilhelm Jensen Clint
The construction style is expressive in a gothic style..Opened in1927, completed in1940
1440 seats capacity Height 76 meters Width 35 meters Height is approximately 49 met
Let me tell you about the atmosphere of the place.. Various angles, wondrous composition An enchanting lighting Even the details in the walls and ceilings are amazing.. complete Calm feelings! The seats are stacked regularly, with markings in the ground between each Seat & seat .
Tripod is available as long as you don't disturb the audience .
I used my Nikon D850 with a wide lens 14/24mm in slow shutter speed 2seconds .
Two photos merged into a panorama in Photoshop
I chose a roughly square image to focus on the repeating pattern of lines and arcs At the Time of shot , I decided to show the height of the ceiling to give depth and embodiment to The image In addition to the symmetry, which needs more accuracy while shooting.. Thanks for like - comment and save <3

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