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La Maison Rose

One more beautiful restaurant from my trip to Paris. This is from Mont Martre in Paris. Two minuts walk from the Au Lapin Agile Cabaret.

Sony A7r
15,1mm · f/16 · 1/160 · ISO 400
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What a beautiful image! you have absolutely the perfect color palette to go with the rose tones and name of the restaurant.

I don't know if you had a chance to eat there, but it is memorable!

I discovered the restaurant by accident on a visit to Paris in 2003. i was staying in Montmartre with a few hours to kill before my flight and just walked in. The proprietress was marvelously accommodating, in spite of not having a reservation, and having limited time.

It's wonderful when a great image has a personal connection as well.

Bob Henderson

Thank you for your kind words Henderson! And so fun to hear that you also have been there! I didn`t have the time (or didn`t take the time) to get in there. I was in Paris for seven days, and my goal was to see and photograph as much as possible. The city was so enormous and full of sights everywhere, and I walked so much from 07-09 every morning to 22-01 at every night, and every joint belove my belt was hurting. Especially for a Norwegian like me who is used to go across the city centre in Oslo in under 10 minutes with public transport. And in Paris between sights with public transport for almost an hour (outside traffic jam) and still be in city centre when going off! That was bigger than expected. And the amount of sights, was so much more than I anticipated. And I anticipated a lot :)

It would take a lifetime!

Like the sun throught the clouds!

Thank you Rodrigues! Is it by any chance that this comment was ment for my resent picture of Saint Angelo?