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The Jazz Man

Here's my first Cinematic head-shot taken using the awesome Enrique Malfavon's Kit while I was in Las Vegas this month for WPPI. We were asked to get some shots for a local Jazz Singer so we took to Fremont Street to get a few shots for the man!
Mad thank you to Enrique for hooking me up with the lights and the assistants to run this shoot!

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Love the bokeh and frame. Stylish! Great shot!

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Visit Chicago sometime so I can take yours ;)

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How about you coming to NYC buddy! We have good food and good whiskey here.

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You'd probably be a better tour guide of NYC than me of CHI anyway :) I've barely gone anywhere in this place yet still haha

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Nice!! Great lighting!

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Thanks Dylan! :) You'll never guess who I picked it up from ;)

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LOL ^^ ....awesome soft light and that kicker is dialed in just right man....

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Flattery will get you everywhere! (Call me later...wink wink) haha

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Great shot... 2lights? octabox? 70-200mm/2.8?

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2 Youngnuo Speedlights 1 in a 32" octa and the rim light using the Fstoppers Flash Disk.

Camera was Nikon D800 with 85mm F/1.4G at f2 ISO 100 1/200 shutter

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Dylan Patrick's way! nice shot!

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Cool shot!
Like it very much

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Who wouldn't be happy to be shot like this? Really great ...cinematic image!