Kareem Quow's picture

The Eternal Test

Photography: Kareem Quow
Make Up: Teresas Richards
Fashion Stylist: Sieje Akime
Model: Woodlene Alexis


Now unchained from ignorance and devoid of delusions
Unending Happiness is his new reality.

He’s painted the world in the blissful water colors of life with the brush of awakening.
Since then all he perceives are sparkling gold’s, pristine whites, glowing yellows and Pastel Pinks.

As he lowers his head and closes his eyes ….
A gentle breeze blows and hints of lavender permeate throughout the landscape and invoke a smile.

Alone but not lonely all he ever feel is the warmth of a loving embrace, wrapped snuggly in thick faux fur throws that are fluffy and soft.

He turns his head inquisitively to the left …
Songs of melodic birds harmonize with what he conceives to be spring time tides lazily lapping up against the shores of sandy beaches.

Raising his chin, he feels the sun on his face as he inhales…
The fragrant flavor of golden honey melts its way across his palette with each sweet saccharine laced breath taken

Simultaneously he exhales emptying his lungs and slowly opening his eyes…
His consciousness has been shifted.

His view has been upgraded, updated, reborn, afresh… anew.
He reaches down collecting two handfuls of sand letting the jagged granules sift through the gaps between his fingers; dry, dark, dying leathery layers of the world has been shed and scattered to the four winds.

This is more than a dream…Existence is beautifully illusory… and he is awake for it.

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