Ola by Jacek Woźniak
April 24, 2015

I saw a blooming bush near my house growing small little flowers and I though to myself "I need to get my gels!!!" :) I had in mind this magenta bokeh from the backlit blooming bush... Add a 120cm octabox for main light with silver reflector for fill and the picture is ready :)

The idea came to me on Sunday when I saw the bush. On Monday I asked my friend (the model) to help me complete this project. And on Tuesday we were shooting. Even though I like to have thing planned more thoroughly, I also like quick shoots with the idea still fresh. And of course the flowers and the weather wouldn't be good for long so it had to be arranged quicker than usual :)

135mm · f/3.2 · 1/125s · ISO 640
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Jason Ranalli's picture

This is pretty spectacular...I would have loved to see a BTS for this. I can't tell if those are flowers behind her with the sun shining through or some kind of patterned reflective surface.

No doubt though...I love this. Great work!

Jacek Woźniak's picture

Thanks Jason!
BTS can be found on my blog http://jacekwphoto.blogspot.com/2015/04/wiosenne-portrety-oli-i-strobing...
only pics though, no vid :)
it is a blooming bush and magenta gels on a flash behind it to imitate magenta sun

Jason Ranalli's picture

Wow...you did a great job. I loved a number of the shots from that set...it's amazing what you can do with two strobes and a simple softbox/reflector. The background isn't even that remarkable looking in the BTS shot but when you add the various elements it works great.

Thanks for sharing!