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Fritzenized ...

Jonathan Fritzen is a hot keyboard player. He often needs to use his Hot Lick Cooler.
This image was made for his 5th album Fritzenized. From the start I put him in a nice room from villa Massena in Nice. But I thought it could be more fun to add some other things, so I started building a look-a-like room in a 3d program and added keyboard playing statues, floor tiles with his initials ( although not visible in this view ) and the hot lick cooler.

Canon 40D
20mm · f/5.6 · 1/40s · ISO 800
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Excellent concept !

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Ha this is cool

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This picture proves that you're a self-taught photographer. Your exif data indicates that your fstop is 5.6. The background is too clear to be 5.6. The musician might be 5.6 but fooling the audience is unprofessional. The Hot Lick Cooler is more in focus that the musician.