Mua : Kelly McClain
© Pierre Turtaut

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Charlie Magrin's picture

Very nice! How did you achieve the blurry effect on his left side, in-camera or in-software? I like the lighting, the MU and his expression!

Charlie Magrin's picture

I ve had a look on your website and I saw other pics of Jack (by the way your portfolio is amazing, you're a killer!) and I guess the blur comes from slow shutter speed...

Pierre Turtaut's picture

thank you Charlie, yes it is a mix of slow shutter , strobe and continous light.

Abe Holte's picture

Awesome portrait! I'm guessing two strobes and a hot light, with a warming gel on the kicker strobe.

Pierre Turtaut's picture

thanks, it is a mix of strobe and continuous lighting

Fredrik Otterstad's picture

This one really stands out in the crowd on this site. Amazing look and feel to the image. I like his cold looks contrasting the warm light. Your portfolio is amazing too!

Pierre Turtaut's picture

Thank you very much Fredrik :)

miha zero's picture

Ok ... i will prolly going to try something like this pretty soon :)

Great idea and execution

Daniel Shepherd's picture

Love the lighting and mood of this portrait! Also the blur is very interesting on his left side, makes it a bit different. I really like the combination of warmth and cool tones though, really nicely executed!

Carl Rogers's picture

Another great shot.