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patience of a saint

Studio shot in a “family pool“
Two 70 cm Softboxes liftet for ambient lighting, Beauty Dish with grid as main light.

What do you think?

Nikon D700
50mm · f/9 · 1/100 · ISO 200
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Since you ask what I think in your description, I think it's awesome! But I have the urge to rotate my head to the left. IMO, I think it would be better rotated to portrait orientation.

I do not agree with Tom, I think the strength of this picture lies precisely in the direction and even if we make the effort to turn the head, the picture quality deserves that!

I think that this image would look awkward and less bold orientated to portrait. The eyes at that level on the left are providing a strong suggested lead line to the flower in her hand. This then creates a circute from left to right, down the body to the legs and again up her left side and arm to the head. This circular flow is symmetrically represented by the form of the flowers chosen, as well as the water rippling away from her figure. I think between that and the dark to light contrast with bold reds and whites make this image engaging and accuratily polished. I really enjoy the texture of the water, great work!

Ridiculously gorgeous photo.

Like the styling and lighting for this, just wonder if a little more space to the left hand side would be worth a look. Feels slightly cramped there.