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National Geographic Photographer Encounters Deadly Leopard Seal

It's always a great day when a massive leopard seal decides not to eat you whole. It's an even weirder day when that same leopard seal decides to feed you a fresh penguin. In this video, National Geographic photographer Paul Nicklen was on assignment in Antartica to capture leopard seals in the wild when he was approached by a massive female with jaws twice as big as a grizzly bear. What happened next is nothing short of epic.

Unlimited Online Backup For $120 Per Year

Online storage through "the cloud" is one of the best ways to ensure your files are safe and secure from failure, fire, and theft. "The cloud" has also typically been a super expensive place to store a ton of content until now. I stumbled upon a way to store the bulk of my photos online through a website service called Zenfolio, which you've probably heard of.

Natural Phenomenon Explains My Lightroom Problem

Yesterday a colleague Pratik Naik posted a gif of an interesting phenomenon, which coincidently illustrates an issue I have been having (at least it appears to be). When you shoot a job with thousands of images it’s sometimes paramount to quickly view and flag or pick the good ones. Some people even start with quickly rejecting the bad ones. This .gif is a good reason why you shouldn’t start with deleting the bad ones.

The Anatomy of a $100K Commercial Photography Estimate

Transitioning into commercial photography is no easy task. For some it’s the holy grail, end game, and ultimate dream job to have in the industry. For others it couldn’t be further from what they want- and that's fine! However, for those of you planning a transition from event/portrait based photography into the commercial advertising world, there is a long list of connections, lingo, and experience based knowledge you need to have in addition to being at the top of your game visually.

The Most Important Tip For Running A Photo Blog

The biggest mistake I see when reading a photographer’s blog is the choice of words used in blog page titles. The words you choose may be keeping your blog invisible to the world forever. It's not necessarily a "mistake" but typically not the optimal choice of words for search engines.

HDR Stop Motion Adventure Piece Through Georgia (The Country)

I’ve been waiting for someone to do an HDR stop motion flick and here it is described as an "HDR hyperlapse postcard that will take you to a journey through Georgia - probably the most friendly country in the world." This motion piece shows us a side of Georgia that differs from what most mainstream media portrays the country as, all with the hate it or love it HDR effect.

Never Worry About a HD Failure Again with Carbon Copy Cloner

Carbon Copy Cloner is one of my all time favorite programs that takes the stress out of ensuring data security and redundancy. It’s a simple program that copies data from one place to another exactly when you want, and exactly how often you need it to. It completely takes the guess work out of dragging and dropping blocks of data from one volume to another; it’s perfect for photographers.