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David Bickley
Kansas City, KS
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Award winning photographer David Bickley approaches his craft as he approaches life; fearless, and wholly engaged. David’s minimalistic nature coupled with his innate ability to choreograph an evocative dance between lens, light and subject have earned him an international reputation for his powerful portrait and fitness photography. His style shows raw vision, capturing people in extraordinary and powerful ways. David’s energy and ingenious artistic flair transcend the shoot; his retouching ability is among the best in the industry and effectively shatters the status-quo. Whether shooting for an ad campaign, a magazine, or an individual, his astute perspective and raw commitment to existing in the moment enable David to capture the power and voice of every person that steps in front of his lens. His poignant and simple photographic style is a wonderful representation of the easy depth which encompasses David’s personality and talent.

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I love your portfolio David... I'm looking forward to your future work.

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Thank you very much!

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OMG Don't bring up the pickle!!!

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This cover is way cooler, time for me to make a new one.