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The Wide Portrait of Paris

My very first attempt to create a panorama image which i took in 2014 during my visit in paris.

I kept the images for 2 years until a few nights ago when i was just reviewing my trip photos and see if i can find something to work on for fun. I found a lot of panorama sequences that have been forgotten.

My very first try, Never done that before, didn't know how to do it, just a google search on how to stitch panorama photos was enough to make me realise how powerful the recent versions of photoshop is in taking care of the hard part for me.

This image is about 312Megapixels (file size 192mb / 52000x6000)
42 images in landscape format and in horizontal sequence taken by a 85mm lens on a full-frame Canon 5D Mark III

Artist: Ben Lovett
Album: Synchronicity
Track: Project Log

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