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Why Headshots

We all know that we communicate to others with our body language. The power of headshots can change the way the world perceives you! There are extensive studies showing strong results as proof that people will make character judgments based off our body language. Our nonverbal communication will predict how people think and feel about us. Okay, maybe you don’t know this, but now you do. This is a big deal! If you are applying for a job, going on a first date, looking for new clients, competing in a sports league, or simply walking down the street, your body language will affect how those around you interact with you. Have you ever made a first impression that didn’t go well? Maybe it was not anything you said, but what your body language said about you. Your headshot tells the whole world, who you are, what you're all about, and if you are to be trusted or not! This is why you need a good headshot!

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