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I Imagined A Radical Vegan Zombie Activist And Created Photo Out Of It.

It has been said that meat consumption should decrease by 90% in the west if we want to avoid dangerous climate warming. And becouse all of us should be involved to achieve this goal I ofcourse decided invite also zombies to join to the effort to combat climate change.

Suprisinly there´s many vegetables that has similarity in shape and textures as our human innards have so the first thing I did when started this project was to find a proper look-a-like innards with a vegan twist in them.

My sisters kitchen was the location that we choosed to use this photoshoot. And this kitchen was also included two zombies with it… modeled by my sister and her husband. My wife made the make-up for both of them and I enhanced the details of the zombie faces in photoshop.

All the stickers and posters were added in post as well as the bulblight above the table.

Light setup:

One deep parabolic octa on top of the table.

Two snoots with handflashes pointing on the face of each model.

Two softboxes with grid on left and right side of the models.

Smokemachine was also used to spread the light and give the right mood to the picture

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