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A world with no colour

December 29, 2014

© Peter Coulson 2014
Head MUA and Creative Director of make-up: Liz Sharp
Photography and Video editing: Peter Coulson
Model: Elizabeth Surtees
Make-up Assistants: Kathleen Sheahan, Carolyne Buckley, Jessica Oshannessy
Music: "Insideyourfacedubstepbeanstalktoheavenfortheatheist" by Anklepants aka Reecard Farché
Lighting: Bowens 1.5 Octagonal soft box from above
Model:Hasselblad H5D-50c
Shutter Speed:1/250 second
Focal Length:80 mm
ISO Speed:100

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Bjarki Vilmarsson's picture

Well, I won't forget what I saw. This video is super cool.


What took longer, the makeup, or your editing?!