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The Five Tips to Creating Amazing Landscape Photos

In an instant, one can feel as though they are in another world. As a landscape photographer you have the power to transport someone in the blink of an eye and send them on a journey into your photography to see the incredible world we live in. Creating amazing landscapes goes far beyond just snapping photos using the HDR setting on an iPhone. Landscape photography can seem daunting, but after reading these secrets to landscape photography, there will be no excuse to why you can’t take mesmerizing landscapes yourself! [more]

Cinetics Axis360 Review: A Flexible Option for Smooth Timelapse and Video

Ten years ago, time-lapse photography wasn’t really a big thing. Fast forward to now, and it’s everywhere. GoPros and point and shoot cameras come equipped with easy options and can be stuck on anything from panning egg timers to $6000+ time lapse rigs. In a market full of options, Cinetics Axis360 is forging a new niche that any photographer interested in the genre should take a look at. [more]

How To Create Interesting Portraits Using Milk (NSFW)

Israeli portrait photographer Ofir Abe (Facebook) decided recently to take on a challenge and see if he can create interesting fashion shots using only milk and a model. He filmed a BTS video showing his first attempt and shared the final results with us. Check them out (warning, NSFW). [more]

New Leica T-System Officially Announced

It is official! Leica has announced their new Leica T-System camera which is available for pre-order at B&H right now! The camera really does have a lot of nice features that are packed into it and Leica seems to be pushing the phrase “easy to use, hard to forget” on their website. We are glad to finally get a look at “official” specifications even though we had a nice glimpse yesterday when they accidentally revealed it. [more]

The Most Motivational Thing I’ve Ever Heard

Although it would seem like common sense, proper motivation is key toward not only getting things done, but getting things done well. This is true in any creative field and this is especially true, it seems, in the over-saturated everybody-with-a-camera-is-a-photographer world we live in. [more]

Jim Garner Shares His Wedding Photography Techniques on CreativeLive

Today on CreativeLive, Award-winning wedding photographer Jim Garner is sharing hard-won industry secrets — learned from decades of experience — and guiding viewers through the creative process that has helped make a name for himself in the industry. Jim will explore tools and strategies that will make your workflow more streamlined and your studio more profitable. Plus, during live action photo shoots, you can watch Jim’s “story shooting” philosophy in action — as he demonstrates how posing, shooting, and lighting contribute to the strength of the visual story. [more]

Emma Phillips’ Surreal ‘Salt’ Series Explores Abandoned Australian Mine

Melbourne-based photographer Emma Phillips documents the barren, surreal landscape of an abandoned salt mine in her series “Salt”. Published as a photo book, the series features scenes of white, minimally detailed dunes against pale blue skies. Mining equipment and abandoned vehicles stand out dramatically from the pale background as the only hint of a past human presence. [more]

How To Keep Google+ From Spamming Your Inbox

Dear Google+, you have some great features and someday I hope we can have a better relationship. But right now you are bugging the heck out of me by allowing anyone and everyone to spam my inbox. Please knock it off. In the meantime I am using this article to tell my friends how to turn off this setting, like I just did, so they won’t be susceptible to getting G+ spam every day. [more]

The Leica T Accidentally Revealed on Since-Removed Site

Thanks to an unfortunate accident, the Leica T website briefly went live today. Thankfully, the guys over at La Vida Leica were able to grab all the important bits before it was taken down. From what was archived, the Leica T is looking like a pretty sweet little MFT APS-C system. [more]

And The Winner Is…..

Thank you so much to the 60+ people that submitted a video over the past few days to our contest. It’s been awesome seeing photographers from around the world share their stories. As a special thanks to everyone that made a video, Lensrentals would like to hook you guys up with something for your effort. Just e-mail contests@lensrentals.com for your prize. On top of all of this, everyone that made a Facebook and/or Instagram video will be receiving the Bahamas Rob Grimm Product Photography workshop video for free this July. Please e-mail Gary@rggphoto.com and I will get you on this list. [more]

Bringing Pan Am Back To Life: Photographing And Lighting The First Class Cabin of a 747

I’m a bit of a dreamer. I’m also a huge aviation geek, and I often catch myself browsing the web at 2am looking up articles on aviation and aviation history. So when I found Anthony Toth and learned more about his life’s work, I knew that I had my next personal photography project in mind. As I’m mostly an architectural photographer, I got bored of waiting around for an airline to hire me to photograph their next ad campaign, so I decided to hire myself into my dream gig. [more]

New Paul C. Buff Vagabond Lithium Extreme

Paul C. Buff recently released a brand new Vagabond battery pack, the Vagabond Lithium Extreme. With a price tag of $399.95 this might be the next product you end up buying tonight. There are a few great improvements from their older Vagabond models, and overall, it is exciting to see a new product release from Paul C. Buff. [more]

Social Media Etiquette – The Do’s And Don’ts Of Online Interaction

Whether you’re a fan of social media or not, it’s definitely here to stay and constantly evolving at lightning speed. It’s completely changed the fabric of how we (photographers) do business: from publicizing images to marketing tactics and communication, our daily life is inundated with a constant barrage of notifications and a conditioned head-down-to-phone routine. Unfortunately, if you aren’t using social media to its fullest, then you may be left behind. [more]

Another Day, Another Band Angry at Photographers: Three Days Grace

If you’ve been paying attention to photo news this week you know that concert photographer, Rohan Anderson, was in a little bit of a internet-war with the band Red Jumpsuit Apparatus after they “borrowed” an image for a social media post without credit or compensation. Now it looks like another group is jumping on the bandwagon. [more]

High Gloss: Chip Litherland’s Instagram Art

Photographer Chip Litherland initially thought mobile photography was a threat to photojournalism and a platform for visual gluttony and selfies. But once he started tinkering with Instagram, he fell in love with the medium and began making artistic, saturated double exposures that advanced his vision. Chip explains how he uses his iPhone alongside his DSLRs when on assignment and how it has changed his photography. [more]

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