Design Fstoppers' New Logo And Win $2000

Design Fstoppers' New Logo And Win $2000

4 years ago Patrick and I came up with the idea for We needed a logo and so I went into Photoshop and created the "FS" inside a circle that you can see above. It took me about 5 minutes and neither Patrick or I have ever really liked it. It's time for a change and we will pay you to help us get there. is about to be totally revamped. The blog itself will work exactly as it always has but we are adding 2 completely new facets to the website that will a big jump forward. To match our new site redesign we would like a new logo. You can submit your logo ideas to us at If we end up using your logo design we will give you $2000. If we like multiple logos we will put it to public vote on If we don't like any of them, we may decide to stick with what we have but we hope that won't be the case.

Now before you go out and start designing let me explain to you what we want. The first thing we need is a "Mark" similar to the FS we currently have. We like the idea of the "FS" being a unique shape but it's also very important that the "F" and "S" are easily legible. This "mark" needs to be accompanied by the full name "Fstoppers". Both the "FS" Mark and the "Fstoppers" text need to work together and separately.

Below are a few "marks" that I like for one reason or another. You'll notice that each of these examples are extremely simple so please do not over complicate your designs. Feel free to use them as inspiration or create something totally unique.

We had a design firm come up with some concepts and our favorite was the one directly below. We agree that it's an interesting concept and it has potential but it looks too much like a bank or IT company's logo. The other issue is that the "FS" is pretty difficult to read. The circular one below that is something that I created. Again we like the basic direction but it feels a bit too "star trekish." Feel free to take either of these ideas and tweak them.


1: All submissions must be emailed to with the word "logo contest" in the subject line by Wednesday June 12th.
2: All submissions must contain a "mark" with the letters "F" and "S" and the word "Fstoppers" written out in full.
3: You may submit as many logos as you like.
4: If you use aperture blades in your design I can almost guarantee we won't choose it.

May the best designer win.

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First, do you retain any rights to designs that are submitted and you don't use them? I'm going to assume no because y'all know how badly the design community hates spec work.

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No, if we don't like it then we won't have any use for it. If we do like it we will pay for it. I understand that many designers are not willing to work on spec and that is why this is a simple contest. If you want to enter you can, if not, you don't have to.

Woah ok, just wondering about the rights. Also, this is a contest and spec work. It's not really an either or type of situation. Both sides of the argument have valid points and I think it's great y'all are reaching out to your support community for a new logo.

Would you shoot an advertising campaign with 4 other photographers and then get paid based on who's photos the client decided they wanted? What if they gave your photos to less expensive photographer and said "this isn't quite right, but tweak it a little and we'll pay you"?

Let's say you got good designers who do spec work. Now, you're insulting those people by saying to your readers "Here are their ideas. We didn't like them right off the bat, but one of you tweak it and we'll give you $2,000 instead of asking the company who originally sketched it to work with us to make this something we love."

I don't know what your history is with these design firms, but that doesn't seem right. It doesn't seem to be how creative artists should treat one another, and it completely devalues the creative process.

Here's an article, by a designer, on this subject with one of the dangers being very close to what you did in this post:

"4: If you use aperture blades in your design I can almost guarantee we won’t choose it." LOL

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Contest over, Nick wins

Sending over some work samples by the morning - EVODD.COM

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Not bad Nick, may need to work on your kerning but a vallient effort buddy. Haha

Haha! The best.


Just when I thought I had a chance...Damn Nick. Way to bring an atom bomb to a knife fight. ;)


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Lovin' the Comic Sans.

why end with the stop sign? why not use the whole special bus? :)