How To Shoot Photos At Capitol Hill

I just saw this video pop up on the front of and I knew I would love it before I even saw it. Chris Gregory does a fantastic job of capturing the life of a Capitol Hill photographer. There is so much more too it than I ever really thought about. Make sure you head over to his website and check out his amazing portfolio.

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Wayne Leone's picture

Not so much a 'how to' but more a fly on the wall. Fascinating all the same. Thanks.

Very nice vid of what goes through the mind of a Capitol Hill photographer.

Great video... Theres a documentary on National Geographic called "The President's Photographer." It's awesome

Man, I want to do that so bad! Thanks for this Blog post!

I got all excited by the title of this, but then realized this wasn't Capitol Hill, Seattle... :-)

Dang! Lots of Canon shooters!