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Nikon D70001 Fstoppers Gear Guide

Our Favorite Cameras We have compiled a pretty good list of cameras that we use for both video and still photography. Patrick and I are both Nikon shooters but we are the first to admit that Canon cameras are way ahead on the video front. Click on this post to view our favorite cameras in each price range.


nikon 50mm 1.4 Fstoppers Gear Guide

Our Favorite Lenses
When it comes to picking your next lens it can be a daunting task. We have worked to compile a list of every single lens that we use and we will give you detailed information about each one. Some lenses are far better for video than they are for stills and a few are actually much cheaper.


nikon sb700 Fstoppers Gear Guide
Strobes and Hotlights After you have a decent camera and lens, it’s time to start thinking about lighting. We have used a huge range of flashes and hot lights but we have narrowed our list down to our current favorites.


photoflex nxt medium softbox Fstoppers Gear Guide

Our Lighting Modifiers
So you have some lights but no way to control them? Let us help you out. We have narrowed the light modifier list down to our personal favorites which should get you the best quality for the buck.


steadicam merlin 150x150 Fstoppers Gear Guide
Crucial Camera Accessories Photography today is far from simply owning a camera and a lens. Check out our always changing list of our current favorite camera accessories.


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