Help A Photographer Build A Space Suit For His Road Trip Across The Country

Photographer Brian Braun is a dreamer. He has made plans to restore an Airstream trailer so he may travel the United States adventuring and capturing images for a new photo series, which you will learn more about in the video above. Several creatives will be joining Brian on part his road trip journey including myself as well as our new buddy Vincent LaForet. This is an exciting prospect and I'm looking forward to seeing how it all turns out!


Brian Braun speaks about his project:


"We all create differently, unique things speak to each of our souls, spur our imaginations and leave us excited. Some do it with just a camera and lens. Some need more.


For me personally I've had a personal project in my head for several years now. And when I decided last year to buy an Airstream to journey, live, and shoot around the country it became clear that this was the right moment for that project. The Xplorer Series with the silver astronaut suit is that project. I plan to be on the road for around 2 years (with some awesome buddies joining me like Douglas Sonders, Vincent Laforet, August Bradley and Pratik Naik to name a few) spending most of my time in national parks so this would be the best chance I could make this series as good as I want it to be.


Like so many fantastic photographers have harped on, it's important (crucial - vital) to make time for personal work. IT'S TRUE! It's easy to get wrapped up with clients, the logistical needs of current projects, and to keep coming up with fresh ideas on how you are going to shoot the next ones! Being in this business can even jade you from a camera at times. I get it. But when you pick up the camera without any expectations hovering over you, no eyes demanding to see the images RIGHT NOW, and no lists of do's and don'ts to keep you from "coloring outside the lines" are suddenly free.


It's not the most comfortable thing as a creative to put yourself out there completely vulnerable for the world to love it or tear it to shreds. But if you create for you, then you are satisfied, if people like it then you can literally elevate off the floor.


If you'd like to be a part of this project by helping it become a success then I'd be extremely honored! BUT First I want you to consider helping victims from the tragedies of Moore Ok, West Tx, and Boston BEFORE you help with this one. Thank you for your time.


Be Well, Go Far, Dream Big!"


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Hey Brian! If you're in southern Indiana be sure to stop at Spring Mill State Park to visit the Gus Grissom memorial and get up close and personal with his suit and Gemini III space capsule. Cool project!

This kickstarter sounds awesome. I've starred it if I can swing more funding. The $55 level with the metallic print seems like a no-brainer to try to get. That's an incredible value for such a great vision!

Don't forget about the awesome series by Dominik Smialowski Very cool stuff!