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Licensing News Photographs Off Twitter & Instagram, Is This The Future Of Instant Media?

When scooping other sources, being the first is king. Everyone knows that and the race is constantly moving faster and faster to do so.

There has been some buzz around companies like CrowdMedia, Scoopshot, Rawporter and Blotter whose sole purpose is to get imagery out to major news outlets that have been scraped off of Twitter and Instagram. [more]

TSA Starts Instagram Account of Crazy Contraband

Social media being the powerhouse of outreach that it is, it only stands to reason that generating unique sharable content is THE way to get attention today. The TSA has taken heed in a unique way and started an Instagram account to build awareness of what it deals with. Back in 2008 they opted to start their outreach with a blog to discuss changes in the ever-evolving security industry. [more]

Do We Really Hate Instagram, or Is It Based on Something Deeper?

We at Fstoppers often talk about Instagram with a note of positivity, but not everyone tends to agree that Instagram is a “cool” thing or worthy anyone’s time. In fact, many comments on those articles seem to be saturated in what appears to be a deep-seated hatred. But do we really hate Instagram, or do we hate something that we can only express by hating Instagram? I think it’s the latter, and here’s why. [more]

Instagram Adds New Video Feature With 13 Special Filters

Today, Instagram rolled out a new update to their iOS and Android app adding a new video capture button along side the camera button. Now the 130-million monthly Instagram users will be able to capture up to 15-seconds of a moment when video would work better than a static image and dress them up with color grading filters. The question now is, will Instagram’s new video feature hurt the rapid growth and success of Vine? [more]

Instagram Meets Stop-motion Video

The Youtube channel Friends in Faux used over 1600 Instagram uploads to create a stop motion video depicting the crazy adventures of one character throughout his day, creatively manipulated using the available tools on the iPhone app.


Is a Tagged Instagram Photo More Than Just a Photo?

PBS’ Idea Channel poses an interesting question, “Is a tagged Instagram more than just a photo?”

There is and has been a lot of discussion going on about Instagram. Does it cheapen photography, or is it the best thing to ever happen to photography? I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but I also think it has changed the fundamental approach toward what photography is and what it represents in the modern world. [more]

Instagram ‘Celebrity’ Photoshops Himself with Actual Celebrities

Do you ever feel like you’re not hanging around enough celebrities? Maybe you wish you were court-side at a Laker’s game sharing an emotional moment with Kobe, or maybe you’d rather be wrapped around Kim Kardashian like couch upholstery? If any of these things are true, you might be Peeje T – a pretty creative guy with a pretty good sense of humor and a knack for photoshopping himself into pictures with the likes of Jay Z, Beyonce, Rihanna, Alisha Keys and Kobe Bryant, among others. [more]

UK Government Passes “Instagram Act,” Are Your Photographic Rights In Jeopardy?

If you have you ever uploaded a photo to Facebook, Instagram or Flickr (that means pretty much all of you) you might want to read this. In the UK, the rights around who can use your images has drastically changed. A new reform act shifts the power away from citizens. It’s something none of us ever wanted to see happen, and it’s being called the “Instagram Act,” named after the widely publicized attempt by Instagram to do something similar thing last year. [more]

Instagram’s Top 15 Most Influential

Where are the top Fortune 500 companies sourcing new talent for their advertising campaigns? Direct mail promos, e-promos, portfolio meetings? Try Instagram. Even after the Terms of Service backlash in December 2012, the photo-sharing site surges on and photographers, many just hobbyists with big followings, are being sourced by major companies for campaign work. [more]

Free Prints From Your Facebook and Instagram Feeds, Automatically!

The other day my brother told me about 2 of his friends, Stephen Potter and Jackson Stephens, that have created a very cool service called Prints Forever. Prints Forever sends you prints from your Facebook and/or Instagram feed and mails them to you automatically! For the next few months the service is in beta mode and they are sending out prints free of charge to everyone that signs up, no strings attached. Click through to the post for the registration link. Enjoy! [more]

Vimeo Goes The Way Of The Instagram

Vimeo just released their new “Enhancer” feature today which offers over 500 Instagramish filters to add to your videos. For a limited time all of the filters are free, but soon the site will be charging $1 to use the filters, which you will be able to try before you buy. Click through to the post to check out a snazzy before and after GIF and for the super secret link to Vimeo’s new Enhancer. [more]

Is Anyone Still Using Instagram?

After the brutal beat down that Instagram received when it changed it’s Terms of Service, some questioned if the company would be able to survive the deep decline of users that were jumping ship. A few weeks later and Instagram is finally responding to some of these accusations releasing their user numbers and surprisingly they are actually witnessing growth rather than decline. The company released numbers that shows at last count over 90 million users are actively using the service posting over 40 million photos a day.  [more]

Instagram Reaches to Regain Trust as It Reverts to Previous Terms

Apparently, Instagram thinks it’s worth fighting to stay alive today for the promise of a future tomorrow. While they’ve been under intense criticism after public outcry against revised terms of service that blurred the lines of users’ ownership of their own content, the company has decided to clarify its position, now backpedaling entirely… [more]

Instafail! Instagram Explains New Terms Of Service

Earlier I posted about Instagram’s new terms of service. Instagram has now released a statement concerning their new terms of service that was under the scrutiny… of the entire internet. Following in the footsteps of sites like Twitpic it seems that Instagram either got ahead of themselves or didn’t think that users would catch on to its confusing and/or misleading jargon on its TOS update announcement. In a statement entitled, ‘Thank You, and we’re listening…‘ on their blog, Instagram clears up some of the perplexing language on the new terms of service. [more]

Instagram Can Now Sell Your Images Without Your Knowledge

Instragram just updated their new terms of service today, and the fine print, while not shocking, certainly is concerning especially if you use the service to show off your work.  Instagram has stated that starting on Jan. 16 the service will be able to use and sell your images for advertising without your knowledge and without offering compensation leaving users with the short end of the stick.  [more]

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