Beach Jump

Heath Holden an Australian photographer took this fun photo of a local boy who takes an exercise ball down to the beach and does some amazing tricks with it.

“This shot was an idea of mine after I heard about this young guy who goes down to the beach and buries a fitball into the sand and gets all acrobatic off it. I knew it would make a nice shot against the setting sun.

Shooting with a Canon 1D mark 3, and 17-40L lens, lit with Canon 580EX2, pocket wizard Mini TT1 and Flex TT5 and an umbrella on a monopod we lit him from camera left with a slight cooling gel to help pop the sunset a little bit more.” -Heath Holden

EXIF: 1/320th, ISO 200 at F8

You can fins more of Heath’s work at his website or Facebook page.

Made by Novum