Brian Ingram

Today’s incredible POTD comes from Brian Ingram. I’ll let him fill you in on the details.

“The first image “Abigail” is a picture of my niece. For about a year leading up to that picture, she had battled anorexia. This shot was taken last Thanksgiving while the entire family was staying together in a huge rented cabin in the Smokey Mountains. I woke up early that day and walked to the back deck to try and get some landscape shots, only to find Abigail sitting by herself enjoying the serenity of the Smokies. At the time this picture was taken, Abigail was beginning to finally heal from her anorexia, and I remember that she seemed more peaceful than normal that morning (almost meditative). A totally candid shot…”

Holy smokes, Brian! Incredible shot with a great story behind it. So simple, yet so captivating.

  • Stephanie Williams

    This is an absolutely gorgeous picture! Love, love, love the editing and the genuine emotion in this picture. The description behind the picture makes it even more powerful.

  • Reagin Walker

    One of the best black and white portraits I’ve ever seen…..has a Lee Jeffries/Sally Mann feel to it.

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