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Currently a Los Angeles-based architectural and fine art photographer, available for assignment worldwide. Check out my eight-hour tutorial here:


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I love your video but I have one question that seems to stump me. I have done every youtube and google search imaginable. When you are compositing pictures I am working off a 27" IMAC, I cannot get the the different shots into separate layers together. The "shift click and drag" method does not work. I am using photoshop CC 2015. Seems so simple but its kicking my a$$! Help??

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I'm right there with you Raymond. Much as I would love to perfect that technique, I've had no luck getting it to work, and Mike makes it look so easy :)

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Do you have any plans in the works for an updated version of your real estate DVD?

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Mike, when are you doing another one of those videos where you go through peoples work and vote/ tell them what you think about their styles? Great inspiration my man, love your work and purchased your tutorial.

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Hey Mike. Finally purchased your tutorial. Downloading now. Excited.

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Hey, I just reported Eva Kuol as a spam account ... account was created 3 hours ago and already has 4000+ Karma?

She has also sent this same massage to a few other people. Please report this profile.

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Good Work.

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Really great photography man!!

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Beautifull personal sites...

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Love what I see..

Gotta give a thumbs up to this guy’s endeavor to recreate the “Pan Am experience.” Obviously, it’s not possible to capture everything as it was exactly so some creative license has to be given. That’s understandable, but considering the extent he went to capture the era, there’s some details that shouldn’t have been overlooked. If you’re going to go all the way professional you have to get it right.

You can look at it one of two ways, either the Pan Am cabin décor is wrong for the stewardess uniforms, or the stewardess uniforms are wrong for the cabin décor. The ladies are wearing the Evan Picone designed uniform introduced in 1969 with the rollout of the first 747. This was not the first class interior at that time. This interior came after when the stewardesses wore the Edith Head designed uniform. That may have been a better choice for the wardrobe. Some photos show the models wearing the wrong uniform wing insignia for that time as well.

He really, really missed the mark with the grooming of the attractive dark-skinned model. Every other girl is “spot on”
for approved hairstyles except her. In no way, shape, or form would Pan Am have allowed a stewardess to wear her long hair down as it is. It’s unfortunate because they all look regulation until you see her. That wrong styling is a significant distraction.

The stewardess handing the boy a box set of Pan Am model airplanes is not accurate for the time period. The Pan Am billboard livery wasn’t applied until the 1980s. A better choice would have been to hand him a “Pierre Panda’s Fabulous Flying Fun Kit.” Sometimes you can find it on Ebay. The boy in “Clipper Class” is also reading a Pan Am inflight magazine that doesn’t go with the time period.

The LA chapter members of World Wings International would have been an excellent source to consult with at the photo shoot. They’re active participants at his events so I’m surprised that he didn’t use their knowledge.