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Mike Kelley
Los Angeles, CA
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Currently a Los Angeles-based architectural and fine art photographer, available for assignment worldwide. Check out my eight-hour tutorial here:


And my personal sites here:


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Hello Michael,
I love your work and the way you inspire for bringing one self to the highest standard possible.
recently i have decided to take my business 10 steps forward in the filed of architecture photography.
i have a shoot this week in one luxurious property with a view to the beach. I am wondering if it is best to postponed it due to weather issues- gray and rainy sky in the up coming forecast. i am thinking it will very much effect the ambient light i was hoping to get. will be more than happy to get a response from you regarding this issue. its a very important soot for me, a stepping stone.

I love your video but I have one question that seems to stump me. I have done every youtube and google search imaginable. When you are compositing pictures I am working off a 27" IMAC, I cannot get the the different shots into separate layers together. The "shift click and drag" method does not work. I am using photoshop CC 2015. Seems so simple but its kicking my a$$! Help??

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I'm right there with you Raymond. Much as I would love to perfect that technique, I've had no luck getting it to work, and Mike makes it look so easy :)

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Its pretty straight forward. Maybe, don't grab the title bar, grab the image itself and drop it on the image you want to stack onto.

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Do you have any plans in the works for an updated version of your real estate DVD?

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Mike, when are you doing another one of those videos where you go through peoples work and vote/ tell them what you think about their styles? Great inspiration my man, love your work and purchased your tutorial.

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Hey Mike. Finally purchased your tutorial. Downloading now. Excited.

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Hey, I just reported Eva Kuol as a spam account ... account was created 3 hours ago and already has 4000+ Karma?

She has also sent this same massage to a few other people. Please report this profile.

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Good Work.

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Really great photography man!!

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Beautifull personal sites...

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Love what I see..